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Worklocal is a talent management and hiring platform for incubators and coworking spaces. Manage your vetted local creative, business and technical talent to accelerate projects, hires, and innovation initiatives.


Manage & Grow Your Talent


Keep a roster of top Creatives, Developers, Marketers, and more. Be it Freelancers, Researchers, or Co-ops we have a roster of talented professionals able to work in your area.


Access a range of agencies and studios that have teams ready to help with a range of tasks from manufacturing production, web development, to design sprints.


Work with a cool range of startups in various industries from Fintech, IoT, to SaaS that can help corporations tackle innovation challenges and solve problems.
Accelerate innovation projects with top talent!


It’s really hard to find good developers. Worklocal let me cut through the crap and get to some of the good ones.
Mike Janzen
CEO, Finovertech
Finding high quality creative talent is hard, but there's lots available. Worklocal helps match you with the right fit.
Chase Denomme
Manager, Accelerator Centre
You can't build great products without great people. Worklocal kickstarts new ideas with the community around you.
Dayton Periera
CEO, Signal UX

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If your a company looking to acquire top-level talent for a project, part-time or full-time employment then Worklocal has you covered. Submit a job and instantly be matched with talent.

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If your talent looking for awesome work with great companies then Worklocal has you covered. Apply to be selected as top talent in your region and gain instant access to innovative work.